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Observations by Munish Joshi

Munish Joshi
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Tags: NewsComedyBramptonNetflixDavidLettermanDonaldTrumpKimJungUn
Comedians see the world through a slightly different lense and we don't have 20/20 vision.  My observations are just those quirkly things that I notice in media, news & pop culture.

Letterman is coming back to TV on netflix.  I guess it would be best to say the 10 reasons why Letterman is coming out of retirement and back to TV.
10. Needed a good reason to shave his beard.
9. Paul Schaffer was unemployed & without a job would be deported.
8. Will attempt interview Kim Jung Un because Letterman is dispensible.
7. Will attempt interview Donald Trump because Letterman is dispensible.
6. Family wants him out of the house.
5. Lost his money investing in Fidget Spinners.
4. Netflix needed anything to replace Amy Schumer's show with.
3. Jay Leno dared him to go back.
2. Was tired of hanging out with Andy Kaufman.
1. Letterman couldn't make it as a Mall Santa.

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