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My movie review of Spiderman Homecoming

Munish Joshi
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I finally saw Spiderman Homecoming and it had to be the best Spiderman yet.  It felt  the most realistic because people spoke like you and I. The villains were more believable and it wasn't cloudy all day.  

Marvel took the first step by putting profanities into their movies with DeadPool, Logan and now Spiderman Homecoming and I find  this is the way people talk.  

Unlike the DC Universe where it seems like everyday is cloudy, dark and disastrous, Marvel has regular weather which makes more sense.  Why is it that DC lives in the dark or the rain?  Does every DC comic movie take place in England?  I don't get it.

The villains make more sense in Spiderman.  The villains were regular people who developed technology and that made them who they are.  Whereas a DC comic (Suicide Squad) had a witch!  A Witch?  Really!  DC's idea of a villain is some guys mother-in-law, wife or halloween costume. Come on DC, what are you going to do next? Have anxiety take out a hero.

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