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Brantford Comedy Festival - Thursday, August 10, 2017

Munish Joshi
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I am very excited about going to the Brantford Comedy Festival for a lot of reasons and here are a few.
  1. I have always wanted to perform a show at the Sanderson Center in Brantford.  Kevin Smith is one of those amazing kind hearted people who had a sold out show in Brantford.  Why this is important to me, because I've met a lot of people in Brantford are like Kevin Smith.  I would love to have a taped special there and call it Brantford, Like Brampton but Different.
  2. Wayne Gretzky's home town.  Gretzky was one of my favourite hockey players when I grew up and anything related to Gretzkey is amazing...just look at his daughter Paulina!  I know Gretzkey will hate me for this post but look at his daughter!
  3. My kids won't be able to get to my show.  Despite the fact I have to love my kids the truth of the matter is they are slowly draining the life out of me and finding very creative ways for stopping me from having sexual relations with my wife.  The details to these events can be at one of my feature or headlining shows.

As always, please tell me what you would love to hear me.  Feedback is a gift!  

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