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#150 - Our Weather

Munish Joshi
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I created this series to help share my thoughts on what I thought are 150 things that makes Canada great.  I was born in India and immigrated to Canada as a young child and Canada is the only place I know as home.  That said, I am so grateful for what Canada offers and I have seen that I don't take it for granted and wanted to share my thoughts.

THE WEATHER is my 150th thing that makes Canada great.  What makes the weather so great in Canada is the fact we have such beautiful seasonality.
  • Spring feels bright & full of life.  
  • Summer is usually hot & sunny but this year with all the rain it feels more like England.  I even stopped going to the dentist.
  • Fall is cool & colourful and Halloween feels like Halloween.  Could you imagine Halloween in Hawaii where year round it's hot?
  • Winter can be cold but it's looks and feels like Christmas.

The one fact about the weather is that the weathermen still have jobs even when they suck at doing it.  What other job do you get a an acceptable range for accuracy and quality of work?  There's a 30% chance it will rain today. Really? Could you imagine if a cops could say, you have a 10% chance of getting out of this ticket.  

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