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Comedian, Actor & Business Consultant

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Comedian, Actor & Business Consultant

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About Munish Joshi
I have used Comedy to make work and life more fun.  I enjoy diversity and the challenge of writing comedy for a variety of audiences including corporate clients as a motivational speaker/coach and emcee.  I have performed before families including children as young as 4 years old to an a show for eldery clients.   I am told that I have a soothing voice which I use to help bring content to life.  I voice articles that help people with Brain Injuries (aka TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury or ABI - Acquired Brian Injuries).  Below you can tour into some of the different aspects on the things I do ranging from comedy to services for businesses.
I have been doing comedy all my life in school, with friends and in business.  Today I am so screwed lucky to have 1 wife and have 4 evil lovely girls. These women are slowly killing me inspiring me to leave the house to do what satisfies my passion for laughter.  I have been performing Comedy in Canada & the US for the past few years and love the challenge of custom writing for audiences.  I write both clean and crude material.

To learn more about my comedy, find out about upcoming performances or to book me click below.

Headliner - Casey Corbin

Host: Neil Griffin

Feature: Jason Allen

Opener: Daniel Sanker

Opener: Munish Joshi

Speaker & Voice Work
Life is full of challenges and I have been fortunate enough to be able to share my experience with others in order to help provide perspective & insights.  For some reason some of my stories and experiences help people find some comfort and/direction.  I am the voice of TBI Hope & Inspiration, an online magazine dedicated to helping those who suffer from a Traumatic Brain injury.  

Soon I will be releasing audio work including relaxation and comedy audio along with content to help those who suffer from depression and brain injuries.
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